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Innovative features


Exchange with motorists via their number plates in a secure way.


Display only the information you want to appear publicly.


No sensitive information will be stored or displayed on the application without your consent.

Discover Carimmat

- Have you ever found yourself in a traffic jam, on your right a very pretty girl you would like to talk to but don't know how to do it?

- Do you have a parking space that is frequently used by others without your knowledge? Simply send them a message.

- You want to sell your vehicle and don't want to put your phone number on your windscreen?
Use Carimmat!

Carimmat is a meeting application based on vehicle number plates. Motorbike, car, truck? This application is for you!
Meet people at any time thanks to this application.

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  • 1
    Create an account

    Identify yourself in a few minutes on Carimmat or use the connection via Facebook or Twitter to connect in one click.

  • 2
    Add your vehicle

    Link your car or two-wheeler to your account and start adding other users via their number plates.

  • 3
    Meet people

    Locate the people you want to communicate with and add their license plates via the mobile application!



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a vehicle to be on the application?

No! You have the possibility to add people without having a vehicle linked to your account. However, people won't be able to search for you on the application if you don't have a linked license plate!

With this application you will be able to know who you are?

Of course not ! All information that is shared publicly is information that the user enters, a nickname, a photo, his social networks, etc.

Can you geotag yourself with Carimmat?

Yes! Since version 2.2.0, it is possible to geolocate yourself in the application in order to be able to find all the people that you have crossed on the road!
However, if you don't want it, you can quickly deactivate it directly from the application!

Is there a charge for this?

You will be able to use the entire application free of charge!


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Download Carimmat

The application is now available! If you find some bugs or other problems, do not hesitate to report them to us via "Report a problem" on the application...**

**The application is still in beta testing